Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall Preview: The Scottsboro Boys and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

In going through my daily routine of checking out all of the major theatre websites, I came across some video on two of the season's most anticipated shows, The Scottsboro Boys and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

The first video, presented by the Guthrie Theatre, records a bit of the opening number from The Scottsboro Boys.  It features new lead Joshua Henry of American Idiot fame.  Talk about a departure!  From Green Day to Kander and Ebb!  As one might expect the number is snappy and peppy - quite catchy - and establishes the millieu immediately, in this case the minstrel show.  And as one might also expect rom this writing team, beneath the happy exterior there is an inherent darkness.  Just think "Wilkommen" and "All The Jazz", two of their shows that also use the show as frame for story structure.

The second video is a bit older, and comes from  It is a mini-documentary about the off-Broadway production of Bloody Bloody Andrew JacksonBetween the passionate discussion provided by the authors, the charisma of Broadway's next "it" boy, Benjamin Walker, and the catchy emo rock bits and pieces, the video really makes me excited about seeing the show this fall.

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