Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mr. Broadway December 2013: After Midnight's Dule Hill

Mr. December 2013
Dule Hill

WHY HE'S MR. BROADWAY: Well, it seems pretty obvious if you've seen After Midnight.  This triple threat narrates the best new Broadway musical of the season, singing and dancing with flare and panache, and still manages to make an impression with his "special guest" co-star.  Many of you may know him from the cult classic film, Holes (with Broadway wannabe Shia LeBeuf), and still more of you may know him from NBC's The West Wing or USA's Psych (which will be soon showing a musical episode, where he will sing and dance).  But lest you think Dule Hill just another TV star showing up for a brief stay, he has done both a play (Stick Fly) and a musical (Bring In Da Noise/Bring In Da Funk).  He also has an early childhood stage credit as the title character in the National Tour of The Tap Dance Kid.  I saw that very production, and I can tell you even as a little boy, he was impressive. What a great way to end the year, with this super talented Mr. Broadway December!


  • His birthday is on May 5th.
  • He's a native New Jersey guy, born in East Brunswick.
  • He was plucked from elementary school during a talent search looking for tap dancing kids.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he was NOT "Bud," Rudy's friend on The Cosby Show.

Head Shots and Candids:

Movies: Holes and She's All That


  • He was a business finance major in college.
  • He considers Martin Sheen to be his acting mentor.
  • He was in the film She's All That, and had a role on All My Children.
  • He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on The West Wing.

TV: The West Wing and Psych

STAGE: The Tap Dance Kid, Stick Fly and After Midnight

"B Roll" from After Midnight


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