Friday, October 7, 2011

Broadway on TV: Lysistrata Jones

I come to this commercial with the advantage of having seen the show already.  And I can affirm that it is a terrific representation of the show it advertises.

The very set up of the commercial is apropos - the head cheerleader and the basketball team captain going head to head in a gym.  The visual alone summarizes the story:  the basketball team looks good, but has no skill, while the cheerleaerds exude sexuality that they aren't giving up until the team improves its game.

Perky, not slutty, Patti Murin smiles, winks and shakes her hips in a skimpy cheerleader uniform, while dim but sexy Josh Segarra gets frustrated both with his weak basket skills and with the lack of action out of his shorts.  None of it is overt or dirty, but definitely risque and even kind of sweet.  Just like Douglas Carter Beane and Lewis Flinn's book, lyrics and music, not to mention Dan Knechtges' choreography and direction.

You do get a sense of the style of the book from the snappy lines.  Lyssie J. is a sharp girl who knows how to use her feminine wiles, not only to get her man, but to show him a thing or two about the power and smarts of women.  Think Xanadu goes to college, with an even smarter storyline, one that is millennia old!

Grade: A

And now, the commercial for the Broadway-bound musical, Lysistrata Jones:

And here is the "Making Of" video:

There is plenty to see - including info about $25.00 seats - at their growing-every-day website.  Go to  And add Lysistrata Jones to your must-see list!

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  1. It's great that you think this commercial represents the show well, but the real question to ask when rating any Broadway marketing materials is: "Does this make me want to spend money to buy a ticket?" In this case, I have no interest whatsoever. And why disregard the male population with the first two words, "attention, ladies..." As a guy, I've already tuned out. Any woman seeing this is going to think, "Ok,I can go see this with my girlfriends if I hear it's good, but it's definitely not something that my husband will like." Compare that to a commercial that could make that woman think "Oh wow, I will like this for the message of female empowerment and my husband will like it for the sports." I predict this campaign will fail miserably.


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