Monday, October 5, 2009

Elle Woods Goes to London


Legally Blonde in London!

Caught this music video on YouTube. Yes, an actual music video, something original, not just show clips! As you will see, it features the entire London cast of the show, particularly Sheridan Smith as Elle. It sounds to me like they lowered the music a tinge to suit her voice, but whether they did or did not, it is easy to see why she got the part. Sassy!

I haven't had the chance to look at their website to see who's who, but WOW the cast is chock full of hotties. Warner, yum! Emmitt, yum! Paulette, snap! The frat boys in jeans and nothing else, PAUSE, yum, snap! In short, it is eye candy, and for fans of the show (one of my personal favorite guilty pleasures) a chance to see a new cast. It is cool to see that you can figure out which character is which simply by how they come across on the screen. And did I mention the yumminess of Warner and Emmitt?! Wow!

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