Sunday, October 11, 2009

The One(s) That Got Away

Isn't there a show or shows in everyone's life that for whatever reason they meant to get to but never made it?

For one friend of mine, walking pneumonia forced him to miss out on Blithe Spirit. Normally a musical man, my buddy still wanted to see his beloved Angela Lansbury in what we all thought would be Ms. Lansbury's final stage performance. Well, he still kicks himself ("I shoulda just taken extra Tylenol and manned up!") But the loss of that show has been tempered by the purchase of A Little Night Music tickets... we go in January!

Another friend of mine lost out on The Drowsy Chaperone after listening to me rave for months about it and falling in love with the CD herself. This time, it was me who caused the missing - a nasty virus kept me close to home and away from crowded public places, if you get my drift. To make matters worse, we got tickets again, only to have the show close the weekend before!

My personal miss list is, thankfully a short one, but all three pain me when I think of missing them...

First is the biggest flop (prior to Glory Days, which I actually saw) Carrie. I think a lot of people have this one on their list... the curious, the Stephen King fans, the Betty Buckley fans, the fans of all things that flop, or like me, all of the above. After hearing the score, which, apparently like the show itself seems to be two shows put together, I have been dying to see it! Though the commercial (see below) makes me kind of giggle, because it so damned earnest (the tagline kills me!)and so bafflingly non-musical.

Second is the long in previews short in performances Nick and Nora. I want to see it for several reasons, chief among them the unbelievable cast - hard to believe that much talent couldn't get it together onstage and off**, and the score, which I love and listen to frequently. I know a few people who saw it and everyone has told me that Broadway Cast Recording helps to make it make sense, but that in actuality, most of the songs just start and stop with long scenes interrupting them. Still, I love a messy show... and isn't the commercial so elegant?

And finally, the one that pains me the most is Chess. I think that show has one of the best scores of the last 30 years. The revised and thoroughly orchestrated London Concert confirms that for me. And if that version represents the latest updating/tweaking that has been done to it, I think they might almost be there with it. And I know there will be an audience for it WHEN it returns... the days of being denied simply because The New York Times doesn't like it are long gone....

So... what are the ones that have gotten away from you? Share your story and I'll post it!

** - I think a currently previewing show will have the same issues. Look for my review later this week!

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